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IoT calls for security!

Many of us have heard the term “Internet of Things (IoT)” in this or another way, perhaps an advertisement, overhearing a conversation between geeks from the IT department (if you are not into IT), a discussion with colleagues (if you are a geek yourself), or in the news. What exactly do we mean with IoT?

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A lot happened – Updates are in order!

Hello everyone I have been away for some time (sorry about it) and i’m trying to get back on track to blog more. Gotta say I had my plate full with couple of exams in my queue and a huge workload. Things are moving forward and I promised myself i would do my best to

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IPv4 to IPv6: from 32 to 128 bits

Here we are again, people! This time, i decided to write a post about IPv6, being this protocol part of our present and future (even past, because it is being used since years ago). As most of you must have IPv4 (because IPv6 adoption is going SO slow), maybe IPv6 could be an alien protocol

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