CLEUR and other updates!

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Hello everybody! 😀

Continuing with the intent to write more often as promised earlier, I will list some things that occurred recently:

  • Cisco Learning Network announced their roster for Cisco Designated VIPs for 2020!

I had the honor to be selected for another year, along with outstanding individuals like Daniel Dib, Elvin Arias, Sergey Lisitsin, Daniel Larsson, Micheline Murphy, Juan Garcia… truly and honor! The list goes on and on! We got new VIPs this year, people who were contributing with the community over time, and one of them works with me (Jonathan Hooker)! Isn’t that fantastic? 😀

Guess what? I’ve got selected as a delegate! they were welcoming and charming. We even had an interview: “Meet Field Day Delegate” – where we spoke about my career and how everything started. I used the opportunity to thank my friends, those who have been with me celebrating my successes, or mourning my failures. I have got much more support that I could ever have wished for. Spoiler alert: some pictures are funny! 😀

It was my first time having this kind of experience. I must admit it felt good to be among a selected group of IT geeks to discuss about technology and learn new things over 2 days at Barcelona. We got a nice picture taken, and I made sure I had the right t-shirt for the moment! (we had several Service Provider talks that day).

I got lucky enough to get a signed book by Tim Szigeti!

  • Cisco Live Europe 2020 went by swiftly (maybe too much!)

I had an excellent time meeting with Katherine and Tim, and having a ramen dinner with them, Peter and Brad. Also, I have met colleagues and I was also running around with a cool Cisco Cape and a musketeer hat. I did have the opportunity to record podcasts with the Cisco Champions, join the DevNet Social Club, and meet other Cisco VIPs in the VIP appreciation dinner.

I also had the chance to meet special people again and meet some others I only knew other twitter! Starting with Denise Fishburne (whom I love!), my dear friend and mentor Peter Paluch, Susie Wee (I always run towards her to give her hugs and chocolates), Sergey Lisitsin, Aninda Chatterjee (HE IS TALL!) and did change clothes with Jason Gooley! (that was a fun one! 😀 ). I might have missed some events and people (my apologies), many things happened. If we were together, even for a little, it meant a lot for me 🙂

That’s all for now, more updates and blogs are coming! 😀

See you around!

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